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Keep the kids busy, one number at a time!

Kids bored; why not pick up a Paint by number? Get art & craft crazy. Color, paint or draw yourself happy this season. Painting can get kids creative, and keep boredom from setting in.
Health & Well Being


Do you remember that old song you love? That favorite 5 ingredient health bar you ate in college, your best friends birthday?

If you do, that’s great! If you don’t read on before its to late!

Forgetfullness comes with age, or can be brought on by stress, crises, trama, injury or a number of things. While you may not be able to avoid it, you may be able to alleviate or keep it at bay. 5 ways to reduce forgetfulness and keep your brain healthy!

1.) Supplements

Studies on brain health memory, dementia, and Alzheimer’s are becoming common. In the race against aging and preserving our youth scientists have done every study under the sun. Nobody wants to loose their memory. When my own father developed dementia I ended up being his caregiver, once you reach a stage of memory loss you will lose your independence! Gladly – this is preventable! Which has inspired me to blog about it, in hope of helping others before it’s to late.

Brain supplements can & do work. Ingredients in “The Brain Pill” can help: Improve short term memory, give vitamins essential for healthy brain function and boost focus

2.) Brain Games Video games are good for you! My own son would love this solution. Not just any games. All games are not created equal, again science leads the way and there are many sites that lead the path to better care for our brains. Click Here for a list of sites that stimulate new cells, and make a host of claims (I will try to sort through the claims and make a list of the best of the best) Click Here (coming soon)for my post on the best sites & apps for brain health!

3.) Excercise

Exercise can do a body good but apparently also reduces stress (which hurts your brain) and everything else! For a list of the best ways to introduce exercise into your life Click Here. Adding exercise for brain health and well being – doesn’t have to be complicated it can be as simple as walking the dog. Bowling, gardening. swimming, ice skating, bike riding, jogging, playing sports, tennis, badminton. Exercise for brain health should be focused on reducing stress and the promotion of feeling good. So indulge your body & feed your brain.

4.) Regular Check ups with a GP Doctor, Eye Dr.& overall well being.

Do you have regular health checks with a GP? Do you wear glasses, Teeth care because of the close proximity to the brain also fall into this category.

5. Doctor perscribed Medication

I can’t stress the importance of visiting and working with your doctor enough. Once you are diagnosed with an illness, the clock is ticking and your doctor will be your guide to delivering prescriptions to ease the stress of an illness. Don’t be afraid of asking for a second or third opinion.